Baptist Women New Zealand (BWNZ) is our national board that aims to support, encourage, mentor and develop women in Baptist churches. The board seeks to build up effective and inspiring leadership as well as supporting all aspects of a women’s life, to be all she is called to be.

When a society lifts women up, that same society begins to flourish. Research from around the world shows that when there are strong local women’s activities there is more positive social, economic and political change.1 Although it is 2019, women still need a place to be heard. According to Gender Equal NZ, Aotearoa is seventh in the world in equality, where once we led.

BWNZ has already been on the world stage this year at the United Nations, at the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Through our affiliation with the Baptist World Alliance, Chris Beales-White attended as our representative, meeting other Baptist representatives and other New Zealand NGOs, and inputting into feedback for New Zealand’s Ministry for Women.

In August New Zealand women will participate in the Arise Conference with other women from Baptist churches of the South West Pacific. The conference in Fiji will focus on the scriptural call for women to step forward with the gospel, without hesitation. This conference is open to all Baptist women in the region and we would love to see more Kiwis there.

We have more opportunities both locally and worldwide to realise these aims; what we need is women to join us and make the difference. To meet our aims and see Baptist women in our country flourish, BWNZ needs financial support as well as more women to serve on the board. To partner with us or for more information, contact Chris or myself.

Story: Andrea Page
Chair, Baptist Women New Zealand