It’s been a great joy to see former students step into teaching roles within the school. It’s not an easy road for them as they are still very young and not trained teachers, but they’ve risen to the challenge and are growing and developing their skills daily. We now have three GEMS graduates working as part-time teaching staff in the high school.

They need a lot of encouragement as it isn’t an easy job, especially because they’re not much older than the students they teach.

One such young person is K. Once one of my students, she is now a colleague having just joined the high school staff as a teaching assistant, with the possibility of taking over my geography class in the future. She had a difficult start to her teaching as one of our teachers had to leave suddenly, and K had to take her classes. She managed brilliantly. Please pray for continued guidance in her life and for her to grow and develop according to the plans our Father has for her life.

From a Tranzsend worker in South Asia