For 21 years Carey has delivered in Mandarin an NZQA‑accredited diploma in theology. That diploma programme will conclude in 2021. As a result, Frances Leung has ended her full-time role with us, after 16 ½ years. However, this is not the end to Carey’s Centre for Chinese Research and Training, nor is it the end to Frances’s involvement with Carey. 

With the NZQA (Mandarin) DipCS drawing to a close, we have been exploring how else Carey might serve and partner with the Chinese Christian community in this country. Three questions have dominated: 

  • How could Carey, with its excellent library of theological books in Chinese and other resources, partner with other theological colleges to support Chinese students studying in Mandarin?  
  • How might our Centre for Lifelong Learning be able to work with Chinese churches to provide non‑formal Mandarin-medium training direct to churches and pastors? 
  • How might we make our English programmes—including our world-class Pastoral Leadership training programme—more accessible to 1.5 and 2nd generation Chinese students?  

In November 2020, the centre hosted a seminar on preaching for the Chinese Christian community. It was such an exciting event, with 120 participants. We are currently developing two online courses in Mandarin for delivery through the platform developed by Carey’s Centre for Lifelong Learning. Frances, who will remain on staff in a general administrative role for one day a week in 2021, will coordinate these courses.

Contributor: John Tucker
Principal, Carey

A word from Frances

Kia ora. My role as the Chinese Programme administrator at Carey has involved assisting the programme director; organising students’ activities (Chinese chapel, retreat camps, tutorials, etc.); general administration work; helping students, including with enrolment; and aiding visiting lecturers. I was also a library assistant in the first couple of years. Witnessing and being part of the students’ transformation through theological study was rewarding for me. Around 100 people graduated and some continued from the diploma to a degree. This programme has been significant to many students and graduates. As the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning courses get developed this year, I look forward to them continuing to benefit the Chinese Christian community and nourishing the students’ relationship with Carey.