It has been wonderful to welcome a few new people to our fellowship. Some have been new people arriving in our country for business; others are locals who wish to learn more about Jesus and the transformation he can make to their lives.

Recently, I had the privilege of baptising two young women. One was a high school student whose mother is a believer and whose father comes to church nearly every Sunday with the family but is not (yet) a believer. 

The other was a PhD student from the local university. She came to faith last year. The transformation in her as a person has been quite remarkable. She told us that, while still living in her home country, she knew she had to cross the border into our region but had absolutely no idea why. Before arriving, she had no Christian faith and didn’t know anyone who did—now she is a baptised believer.

From Neil and Barb, concluding Tranzsend workers in East Asia