Have you heard about the new Baptist NZ app? It’s a hub for churches across New Zealand to connect, encourage and resource one another through the sharing of stories, articles, podcasts and news throughout the week. The app replaces the printed Baptist magazine that ended in 2021, creating more opportunities for our whānau throughout the country to access and take part in stories of gospel renewal in Aotearoa. This app begins a brand-new chapter in the 146-year history of New Zealand Baptists connecting.

There is so much creativity, knowledge and powerful testimony to be discovered in our Baptist ‘tribe’ of 40,000. In developing this app, we hope to grow our network of writers, storytellers, journalists, photographers and artists. The Baptist NZ app provides a platform for creatives to share their gifts to ‘build each other up’ and voice topics relevant to the church today. If you or someone in your church has skills in any of these areas and would love to use them to share our collective gospel renewal experience, please get in touch with our Baptist support office Comms Director, Mike Crudge.

Already some of our family have contributed inspiring articles and podcasts. Download the Baptist NZ app and discover them today:

For those who don’t use devices, or prefer emails, or need to read from paper, there will also be a printable email every two months full of content from the app. People can sign up for this newsletter at baptist.nz and we will send this to churches to print out for those wanting hard copies of Baptist NZ content.

Also an app for your local church content 

Christchurch company, EzyStream has developed our app as a companion to their existing EzyChurch app which several Baptist churches are using locally for newsletters, notifications, sermon recordings, events, etc. The Baptist NZ app can toggle between local church content and national content. We’re in the process of arranging a very good deal for Baptist churches to use the EzyChurch app. In the meantime, you can learn about the app features for a local church on the EzyStream website.

The end of this Baptist Magazine website

All of the content on this baptistmag.org.nz website is currently being transferred into the new librarian the Baptist NZ too and website. Once this is complete we will shut down this website and re-direct the URL to baptist.nz

Social media and email list merge

We have merged the Baptist Magazine Facebook page into Baptist NZ, as well as the email list into a new Baptist NZ bi-monthly email.

This is all part of the new direction we talked about last year. We’re very excited about this new chapter ahead, and hope you will join us.