My local neighbourhood: conversations about gospel renewal to people and places with Charles Hewlett


If you’re a pastor wondering how to become aware of the needs in your local community, or how the mission of your church will continue to be effective, this webinar recording (episode 1 of 3) enables you to listen in on a conversation Charles Hewlett (Baptist National Leader) has with Duane Major (South West Baptist Church, Christchurch) and George Wieland (Carey Baptist College, Auckland). They talk about defining ‘gospel renewal’ and ‘local neighbourhood’, and where have they seen this happen.

Questions they considered:

  1. How do you define ‘gospel renewal’ and ‘local neighbourhood’?
  2. What might gospel renewal look like if it came to a local neighbourhood in our New Zealand context?
  3. What is the role of the local church/faith community in gospel renewal?
  4. Has gospel renewal changed over the past 50 years?
  5. What do you see as the main hindrances to faith communities participating in the mission of God in their local neighbourhoods?
  6. How might we begin to address these hindrances?

Webinar series

There are three webinars in this series, each a week apart on Wednesdays at 10am NZT—you can sign up FREE here to watch the remaining two episodes live.

Through this webinar series Charles Hewlett talks with a selection of people doing effective mission in their local church contexts: hearing stories of success and failure, about journeys of gospel renewal to people and places, to be inspired and encouraged in our own work in this area.


Webinar 2: Wednesday 15 September, 10am NZT

Brook Turner (VisionWest Community Trust, Auckland) and Charles will chat about what local neighbourhoods are like in 2021 and what does the church of the future need to be and do? What things hinder this?


Webinar 3: Wednesday 22 September, 10am NZT

Lynne Taylor (Baptist Researcher, Dunedin) and Dave Tims (Urban Neighbours of Hope, Auckland) and Charles will talk about practical tools that can help us understand our neighbourhoods, and determine where God might already be at work. These are hugely important conversations for the future of Baptist faith communities.


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Six-week challenge

In December 2020 Charles gave us a simple six-week Gospel-renewal-in-my-neighbourhood challenge to undertake. Each week involves a simple task designed to encourage you to get to know your community and to look for ways you might partner with God in bringing renewal to your neighbourhoods. Click here for the challenge…

Webinar Presenter: Charles Hewlett has been in the role of National Leader of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand since the start of 2019. Of this role Charles says: “I believe my number one task is to keep the eyes of the Baptist movement on Jesus. We must look to him for our direction. He will show us what our priorities must be. How to treat one another. How to live in our neighbourhoods. How to lead those entrusted to us. It is the power of his gospel that will bring renewal and transformation. It is his Word that we must listen to the most.” Prior to this role Charles had a year as Church Coach at Greenlane Christian Centre, and before that was the Principal of Carey Baptist College. Charles has also been a pastor.


Growing healthy disciples in my church with Kingsley Morris

New on-demand resource! If you missed out on this outstanding series of 4 webinars, you can now purchase them. Here is what Kingsley has to say about the course:

Growing Healthy Disciples in my Church is a webinar journey about going beyond the rescue of people from darkness, and exploring the process of transferring those people to growth and life in the Kingdom of God. Growing Healthy Disciples in my Church is an invitation to engage—from a pastor’s perspective—in the calling to reach people and grow them to Christlikeness.

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