A Poem: God's Well

A Poem: God's Well

I flick my prayers down the well like pennies,
It’s not that I think my prayers are worthless.
It’s just I’ve got a lot of issues

That when I look in the reflection
my self worth
Reminds me
I’m worth a dollar.

I never amounted to much in life
Which means I can only ever
Split my thoughts into
so many different problems.

Before I run out of self to give,
Abandoned at a well.
Wishing for the world
To come in shooting stars

Nightly, I pray to a God that I’m not sure exists.
My selfish prayers
Inside stone walls where aspirations
Are thrown away like yesterday’s lucky dip.

Yet you reply to my call.
Valuing every prayer of mine for more than it was worth.
I find value in your love.
See an embrace lottery could not acquire.

I may not be the woman at the well,
With nothing to offering but inadequate service
But I thank you Lord, that you accept me all the same.
Love me unconditionally, calling me Your child.

Eric Soakai is one of the young people from Greenlane Christian Centre.

Photo Credit: Siarhei Tolak/shutterstock.com

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