The Baptist Worship Project

The Baptist Worship Project

Have you had the privilege of visiting different Baptist churches and camps around New Zealand? There are some excellent worship leaders, and hearing worship songs produced by local artists is inspiring—it serves to connect us deeply with Christ. But it is a sad reality that lots of other Kiwis will never get to hear these amazing songs of praise. It is a tragic loss and a buried treasure.

There is another buried treasure which could soon become a tragic loss: our voice as Baptists. In a sea of worship music, how much of it comes from Baptists?

The goal of the Baptist Worship Project is to rediscover the treasures that lie in our Baptist churches and to share these via a new album. It seeks artists to write songs that reflect core Baptist values, so that our values and principles can stand alongside those of other denominations who also honour Christ. There are many talented artists out there!

The project has a ‘Baptist Worship Theology’ which stands as a guideline for artists, and outlines some key Baptist values and theology. Pieces submitted will be assessed by a group of musicians, pastors and theologians and some will be selected for the album. They will be recorded and produced by professional Christian musicians to create one coherent piece for churches to embrace and include in their worship services. 

People learn theology from what they sing. If you ask someone to recite a creed or lengthy passage from memory, they will likely struggle. If you ask them to sing “Shout to the Lord,” or “Good, Good Father,” the amount retained is likely to be much more. 

It will be amazing to hear the voices of our nation raised to praise Christ with songs from our local artists.

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*We note that not all worship is music. Worship comes in countless forms. In this article, we focus specifically on musical worship, but do not limit worship to this medium.


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