Lifepoint's fiftieth anniversary

Lifepoint's fiftieth anniversary

Surrounded with photos of the past, seventy people from Lifepoint’s current and past membership gathered recently to celebrate the heritage that God has provided them over the past fifty years.

Baptist archives reveal the church’s initial work started with a children’s ministry in 1962. Later some land was donated, a building was constructed, and a foundation stone laid for this ministry in 1964. In 1967, what was then known as Marsden Baptist Church was officially opened.

Biblically speaking, fifty years marks a jubilee—a year of grace, forgiveness, and people being set free to be who God created them to be. Many cultures look back at history to see where they are meant to go in the future, so Lifepoint asked some previous members to share their stories.

Phil Budd from Whangarei Central Baptist shared how he would travel out and preach at the early services before the church had a pastor. Derek and Andrea Pyle talked of their early years and how the Holy Spirit changed their lives, bringing a powerful and effective ministry. They led two subsequent groups of young men into significant relationships with God, one of whom is still a member of Lifepoint. Russell and Michelle Hodgson also shared their stories of life in the church.

Pastor Simon Currie says, “As we looked into our history, we sensed God revealed a picture for us to continue our journey, especially focusing on children’s and youth ministries—to ‘Lifepoint’ them to Jesus, and to intentionally disciple them to grow and mature their faith."

"We are forever grateful for the sacrifices so many people made so we could be the people of God we are today. We are excited to see history repeat in the future plans God has for us over the next fifty-plus years. God is good!"


Story: Simon Currie

Photo: Ben White/

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