We’ve just returned to this district. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see much development in the spiritual area. It is just hard work with so many roadblocks stopping people becoming committed Christ-followers. This is a communal society. For those from a more individualistic society, it can be difficult to fully understand what it means to be different in a context with so many deeply held religious practices.

We saw an example recently. We were involved in a local church Christmas party. A group of believers from an outlying village, where our pastor had been visiting regularly, came along and eagerly joined in. They brought food to share and their kids danced for us. Sadly, in mid-January, this same group of about six adults and seven children told the pastor that, after talking with the abbot at the local temple, they decided they were not ready to give up their Buddhist ways and would no longer be coming to church. This is approximately half of the pastor’s total congregation!

The obstacles are huge when we look at our own resources—we need God. We long to see the power of God being manifested in this place. In terms of our role, it all has to start with prayer. It is as if something has to change in the unseen world in order to see the blessings of God being released in this barren place. We would love to have intercessory teams visit us—are you interested?


Story: Tranzsend worker in South-East Asia

Photo: terimakasih0/Pixabay.com

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