God’s Miracle

God’s Miracle

Children are a vital part of our Tranzsend family. In this monthly column, the children of some of our Tranzsend workers share something of their life overseas.

Hello everyone, our names are Liliana and Thomas, and we’re going to tell you about an awesome miracle! We went to Thailand for a holiday and also because the government said we had to leave where we live for our visa to be renewed.

While we were in Thailand, God gave us a miracle! It was amazing. 

We were riding a scooter with a sidecar on our way to a supermarket. It was a long journey! When we were going there, it ran out of petrol. Dad tried to start it but it didn’t work. We were not near anything; we were just near fields. It was getting dark. We felt very sad and worried. We prayed that God would give us more petrol or he would send someone to help us.

We started pushing the scooter to see if we could find anyone to help us. Then Liliana said, “Can we try to start it again?” So we did try and it worked!! So, God gave us enough petrol to get to a petrol station! It ran out of petrol very close to a petrol station, but we didn’t know that when it ran out. We started pushing it again and we saw a petrol station right ahead of us!! Then we got the last two litres of petrol from the station and it lasted us until we got to another petrol station. We felt so happy because of God’s miracle!! It showed us God loves us so much and never leaves us!

Story: Liliana and Thomas

Photo credit: Prixel Creative/lightstock.com


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