A God Encounter

A God Encounter

In your presence I stand here in awe of you
You touch me with your awesome power
My body and soul, spirit, mind, and heart are in tune with yours
God your spirit overflows in me
I will walk this journey with you to the ends of the earth
Your overcoming Spirit fills me
I love you
Your love overwhelms me
I will raise my hands and heart to you
Do a work in me like never before
Transplant me into your holiness
Never let me forget you are there
Standing beside me all the way
Carry me when I am unable to walk
Lift me up when I am down
For you are the living God
Let me be an instrument of your love
I will magnify your name
Use me Lord as a vessel to honour you
Touch me
I need a fresh touch over and over again
Give me faith
Give me a destiny and a future
Both with you
Give me an encounter like never before
I long for your intimacy
A God encounter.

Story: Johanna Williams

Johanna is happily married with two grown up children, two grandchildren, and two big dogs. She enjoys doing things with and for her family and going off-road in their four-by-four. She loves her church and the colour purple. She is an unfinished work and enjoys most of the journey!

Photo Credit: Brayden Heath/Lightstock.com

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